Quality entertainment for over 30 years

The Crossland Agency not only specialise in providing the customer with top quality entertainment

We also offer a highly experienced consultancy, advice and booking service for all current and prospective clients. We are extremely proud to list amongst our regular customers and clients

National hotel chains, holiday centres, breweries, social clubs, public houses, Masonic lodges, golf clubs, restaurants, night clubs, casinos, sports clubs, corporate companies, local and civic council authorities.

Listed on the website are just some of the artistes represented by ourselves.

This is not to say that any artiste not listed here cannot be obtained. We have access to literally thousands of artistes the length and breadth of the country, so if there was anything or anybody that was specifically asked for, we guarantee we will strive to accommodate these wishes.

If experience, enthusiasm, efficiency and reliability are what you require, as well as an unrivalled knowledge of the current national entertainment scene, please give us a call on (0113) 2341 545 or (0113) 2424 298

Richard Crossland (Director)

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